So, what did you get?


The Dark Menace


The dark monster :confused: I expected something else.


Professor Knight


My year 7 teacher’s last name was Knight, unfortunately his title was only Mr.


The evil devil


The Brutal Monster


The bloody Shadow
how the hell can a shadow be bloody XD LMAO


Could be bloody in the British sense, like saying “look at that bloody idiot!”


Yass I know just being dramatic XD


Ouh ouh I know how :thinking: if what you are a shadow of is injured and bleeding then it will drip blood onto the shadow it is projecting :crazy_face: and there you have a bloody shadow :ghost:


Tooo mutual feelings :joy::heart_eyes::smiley:

What do you want them… something which you’d love from that ?:wink:

What an explaination :joy: :ok_hand:


The dark knight… it’s actually cool, I keep it!


That’s cool!! :heart_eyes: :grin:

Bat @framos1792 we have the real knight girl here… :grin:


I know :sob: I’m so jellyyyyyy :triumph::joy:
The worst part is…I got “the ghostly creature” I mean…what is thaaaaat? :triumph:


Boris would be proud of you :ghost:


:rofl: thank you for being nice about it :sweat_smile:
I think Boris would probably just brag about having been my inspiration and my mentor and that anything I do is thanks to him and not me :roll_eyes::joy:

Maybe it refers to be being a ghostly nightmare to my enemies in batman begins :thinking::crazy_face:


Boris is Boris, arrogant but funny, the escape from the reality of Mike and at the same his totally opposite and, most important, everywhere he goes, he’s cool. :sunglasses:

Whatever ghostly creature you want :grin: but I don’t get why always batman, by the way I like DC :crazy_face:


Because as Batman, @framos1792 likes to do night rides/walks, so we started calling him that way and other guys too with superhero names… :joy: we’re just a lil tiny bit crazy, but inoffensive really… :blush: :grin:


Effectively she seems batman himself :laughing: Cool


Loool! :laughing: it’s only a he :grin: