So, what did you get?


Eh? When did you turn to the dark side @rickvanmeijel? First instagram and now you’re a veggie? :joy: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I turned to the dark side long ago, I’ve been veggie for over a year! It’s hard though when you’re living with parents who are not


Ice truck monster. :joy:


Same hahah


Uptown Butcher


WS is is probably my fav. :joy:


Playground keeper.


I just realised my one was wrong, it’s actually ice truck monster. :joy:

Thst means yours is also different @rickvanmeijel


Back Alley Asphyxiator


Ice truck strangler
Or box factory strangler lmao omg


Huh? No it’s not


Last letter of last name, not first letter of last name.


I got it wrong too


Mest locker Butcher


Boxcar Pickler


Boxcar Skinner lol


ice truck flayer
ice truck mangler


Playground tickler :joy::joy::joy:


Alright time to change, this for us guys:

  1. Breathe Into Me - RED
  2. The Judge - Twenty One Pilots (actually it appeared a piece I made at piano, but I feel it doesn’t count)
  3. So Far Away - Linkin Park (it appeared again a piece I made at piano)
  4. Message In A Bottle - The Police […]
  5. Breed - Nirvana
  6. Make It Up As I Go [Wow! Really good advice!]
  7. Sk8er Boi - Avril Lavigne
  8. My Wave In My Bed - Soundgarden
  9. The Judge - Twenty One Pilots [WTF?]
  10. The Little Things Give You Away (Live At Milton Keynes) - Linkin Park

This is what BIAS is


I don’t understand, do we hit shuffle 10 times?