So, what did you get?


I put the whole songs/music I have in shuffle and kept notes of the first 10.

Ok, I have the songs and had fun listening in shuffle! :grin: :blush:

1: Pull me under - Dream Theater --> my future… :sweat_smile: :joy:
2: Jornada del muerto - Linkin Park --> my life :joy: :joy: That’s really nice! :rofl:
3: Going under - Evanescence --> my love life :rofl:
4: T.N.T. - AC/DC --> Meeting bias :smirk: :fire: :joy:
5: The kill - 30 seconds to Mars --> My week :smirk: :dagger:
6: Somewhere I belong - Linkin Park --> what should I do with my life, that’s interesting… :thinking:
7: Live and let die - Guns N’ Roses --> how I will die, Omg, that’s really appropriate!! :joy:
8: In the darkness in my bed - Dead by sunrise --> Appropriate this one too!! :heart_eyes:
9: Crossing a line - Mike Shinoda --> how my firends describe me… :grin:
10: Soldier side - System of a Down --> how my bias feels about me… :laughing:


Yeah… I hit it 10 times :sweat_smile::laughing::laughing:


Oh, so mine is wrong? :speak_no_evil:


1 castle of glass
2 get lucky of daft punk
3 Faith of Taking back Sunday
4 lost in stereo of all time low
5 it’s on again of Alicia Keys ft Kendrick Lamar
6 burn it down …seriously what is my fate?
7heavy I’ll die heavy
8 I don’t think I love you anymore of hoobastank wtf?
9my immortal of evanescence
10 talking to myself

Daaayyymmmnn seeing my fate exasperates me

  1. Clint Mansell - I’m Sam Bell
  2. Red - Never be the same
  3. David Bergeaud - Groovitron 6
  4. Michael Bross - Approaching Dr. Croid’s secret lab
  5. Disturbed - Then thousand fists
  6. Boris Salchow - Agorian Battleplex - Your Quark a dead
  7. Rage against the machine - Bombtrack
  8. Tilman Sillescu - Alien logo
  9. David Bergeaud - Mukow - Trail of turning terror
  10. David Bergeaud - Nebula G34 - Clank in space

Out of the 2670 tracks (143 hours) I have on my phone, 984 (40.8 hours) of them are Ratchet and Clank OSTs. That’s 37% of all the music on my phone, so it probably skews the results a bit.


I think it’s the same, but there’s a good chance that you’re right :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

  1. Three Days Grace - I Hate Everything About You
  2. Lacey Sturm - Impossible
  3. Linkin Park - Lost in the Echo
  4. Skillet - The Older I Get
  5. Jen Ledger - Ruins
  6. Icon For Hire - Sugar and Spice
  7. Linkin Park - War
  8. Three Days Grace - Unbreakable Heart
  9. Dead By Sunrise - Walking in Circles
  10. Skillet - Looking For Angels


Mitrt the Jawa Sith, FML. I’d probably kill my enemies through laughter. :joy:


LOL! I’m a human jedi heck yeah :sunglasses:

@the_termin8r I’m Meick… not very starwarsy


But what’s your name? :stuck_out_tongue:


Mcnsa the Twi’lek smuggler. I don’t remember who they are. :laughing:


Aayla Secura’s species.

A what be your name? :joy: I wonder if anyone will have one that makes some sort of sense.


Human scavenger in a galaxy long ago


Thanks! And I updated the post.


So far Rick has the only name that even remotely sounds like a name. :joy:


Hutt smuggler Misva lol


Proud Condor - 'MURICA!

I actually quite like that one. :joy:


Vicious razorback


Swift Wasp :relieved:


Ramco the Wookiee Jedi :sunglasses::crazy_face: