So, what did you get?


I’ll give him your address then :smiling_imp:


Consumed by my failures.

And with my other name:
Buried alive by my failures.

Jajajaja :rofl: sorry, I couldn’t resist.


Forged an unbreakable bond with the Hulk :hushed:


Got arrested with Loki. :expressionless:


Veeeery nice!! :tada: :tada: :joy: :joy:


Jajaja ahhh have fun with him? Jaja jk.

Crashed a wedding with Hawkeye.


Crashed a wedding with Captain America :joy:


Congrats! :confetti_ball: :joy:


Assassinated by the world we live in ? :sweat_smile:

I had dinner with black widow? :joy:


Was beaten at chess by Nick Fury. Soooo realistic. :joy: