Soaring Man [Band/Composer]


Soaring Man is a musical project of Nikita Domarev, a composer from Kaliningrad, Russia. His debut EP SelfDiving was released in 2007 and was heavily inspired by Akira Yamaoka’s soundtracks for the Silent Hill video game series. That inspiration gave Soaring Man an opportunity to contribute his works to the albums Liminality, Liminality Revision, and Liminality 2: Okaeri, created by members of the indie label Liminal Recs, which has been established by Russian fans of Akira Yamaoka’s music. Soaring Man’s first LP Catharsis was released in 2012.

Preferred music genres:
Alternative, electronic, post-rock, ambient.


02.09.2007: Liminality Silent Hill Inspired Album - track “This town is not empty”
17.09.2007: Selfdiving EP - debut album
27.01.2008: Liminality: Revision - remixed “Tears of…” by Akira Yamaoka
30.04.2008: Liminal Sampler 2008 - tracks “Struggle” and “Floating shadows”
25.08.2008: Meet the rising Sun by Wialenove - remixed “MTRS”
11.01.2009: Liminality 2 - tracks “Promise reprise(remix)”, “Bitter truth pt. 1", "Bitter truth pt. 2"
14.07.2012: Catharsis - first LP



Hey, guys! I decided to create this topic, because I have bunch of LP’s remixes and reinterpretations and I’m not gonna stop :smiley: Enjoy!


After several years we finally made it! Please, vote for our new song “Artificial Dream” on Open Labs contest!