Social Media Issues


This topic was made at a very emotional time. I am handling it and moving on, rebuilding the fan page. The creative projects I have for it can be found on the forum I started for them here called Creative Projects. Really I am just a fan supporting her favorite band, just like everyone else, a fellow LPUer, and am a founder of a fan page, that despite everything, everyone seems to like. We have had bumps in our road and I made mistakes, some very bad ones, but I don’t know what the future will bring and neither does anyone else.


Why not just block him? Or report him.


I made a quick investigation there are way too many people involved …I think that they 2 only know what really happened…


I did. All over the internet.


And what happened?


There are tons of blocks and twitter names that it was a mess…but the band is also involved so I run away!!! (Even though I don’t have a twitter account!!)


@georkost The only ones who knew about my book was certain LPU members and a lot people knew about what I went through this past year, which I am still struggling with. I have a thread about it. I feel like I am going to be ill.


I think that someone mentioned a book…but really if you think that you haven’t done anything wrong why don’t you let it go???


@the_termin8r Awhile back I decided I wanted to do something nice to pay back Linkin Park because their music helped me so much throughout the years. I decided to write Chester in as one of my good character’s in my book. Not only did he inspire one, but two of my new main characters. The internet being the internet I wanted to get to know him outside of that, so I tried to engage him in conversation on Twitter and Instagram. I guess I Tweeted him too much. I’m not use to Twitter. I only used it for my books for the longest time. I am really going through some tough times at home. The trauma started getting to me. I started blacking out, without knowing it. I am getting help for this. It happened during a time I was writing Chester a fictional piece of writing. By than I cut way down on the the Tweeting and I had DM contact with him. I just wanted to show him a piece of my writing he inspired, but my brain failed me and I had the worse blackout I ever had in my life. It screwed up everything. Chester blocked me, which I didn’t even know about until the next day and when I started remembering, which I still don’t remember everything, some things don’t add up. I’ve been trying to apologize to him and let him to know what really happened. I cut way, way, way back on Twitter. I even them an apology video.


@georkost I tried, but people, like Chris, keep bringing it up, and trying to get me further in trouble with Linkin Park. I was trying something new with my books on Twitter and they screwed that up for me too. Linkin Park, especially Chester , is helping inspire my book. I just got reality mixed up with the book, that’s it. I cut way down on Twitter. I had a fanpage on it, but they screwed that up too.


Maybe you could send an email to Chester to explain yourself… Or send him a copy of your book when you finish it with a letter…I think that if you push things now it will get uglier, step back and let everyone forget you…


@georkost Now, I remember why I loved LPU more. The enviroment was so much better. I think you are right. I don’t have his email address, but sending him a copy of the book is a great idea, but how I don’t know.


Take your time to vlear your mind and finish it and when you do somebody could help you finding the address…


@georkost Thank you so much for your help. You too @the_termin8r. I feel a little better now.


Glad I helped a bit :slight_smile:


@georkost I do have some good news. I’m seeing them play August 19th with another LPU member. I won third in the presale contest for my area.


You are killing me!!! :joy::joy:
August 19th is my birthday…9 and 8 years ago I missed my chance to see them live!!
Have fun !!! And enjoy the concert… When they sing good goodbye sing it for me too :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


@georkost :grin: No way!!! What a small world. Are you on Instagram or Facebook at all? Do we know each other.


Happyknittingworm - instagram. :slight_smile:


Ok, I Followed you. It’s a weird name right now. I’m trying to figure another username out. My latest post has a really long explanation about everything that happened.