Soldiers Argentinos. Meet us!


​Hi everyone!
In this post I would like to tell you about a group of Linkin Park fans that I belong to, please try to read it till the end, it is something that we have been working really hard and I would like to share it with all of you. This group is called Soldiers Argentinos and we are a fans club dedicated to Linkin Park.
Everything started with the need of sharing our experiences and anecdotes after the first show of Linkin Park in Argentina (near the end of 2010) and there weren’t active groups to do this and also to ask for the band to play again the next year. Finally, as many fans were asking for a place to chat and everything, a group was created so they could do this and also share their passion for Linkin Park and this is how Soldiers Argentinos was born. We started making monthly meetings, special events and with a hard work behind the organization, we keep the group alive reaching a lot of aims and the most important was being recognized by Warner Music Argentina as Official Fans Club in Argentina.

We have monthly meetings and special meetings in order to meet the fans, spend the day together chatting about our favourite band, listening to their music and making raffles of merch and official cds of Linkin Park. At the beginning of the meeting we were about 20 fans and nowadays we are 60 fans meeting every month. When there is a special event related with Linkin Park in the meetings we are more than 200 fans and in special dates like this we organize trivias with prizes like Vinyls, Singles, LPU Cds and other things that are not available in our country.

Below you can find some photos of our different meetings and special events:

​​2nd visit of Linkin Park in Argentina:​

This photo is from a Fandom Meeting in which the aim was to join several fans clubs from different bands like Avenged Sevenfold, Evanescence, The Rasmus, Good Charlotte, Simple Plan and more, in one big meeting:

In the special events that usually are at night, we organize the meetings in a fast food restaurant that keep us a special place there for us to be comfortable, and then we continue the meeting in a nightclub with a capacity for 300 people where we go and listen to Linkin Park (and other bands) songs all the night:

In june of 2014 thanks to Warner Music Argentina we had the opportunity to get 2 pre listen sessions of The Hunting Party at Warner Music offices:

The last big event that we organized called “Reanimation Experience” was in a place called Teatro Ciego (Blind Theatre) in which the members of our fans club had the opportunity to listen to Reanimation in a 5.1 format Surround in complete darkness and in a small auditorium prepared with all the elements necessary to listen to cds of this quality:

Our Staff:

And now, we are so happy and anxious for the next Linkin Park show in our country the 6th of May in Maximus Festival.
Thanks you for taking the time to read!


Aguante los Soldiers Argentinos!! Hermoso grupo :heart_eyes_cat:


The best gruop <3


Helloooo Argetinians! Looks good guys!


Thanks you! :sunny:


Buenisimo el grupo! aca en Paraguay estamos trabajando con un grupo tambien, nos reunimos mensualmente, el grupo se llama True Soldiers Army, y estamos llevando a cabo actividades preparandonos para ir al maximus fest, espero podamos encontrarnos y estrechar lazos entre soldiers de distintos paises pero unidos por un mismo sentimiento, LINKIN PARK!


Mañana vamos a hacer un evento nocturno para festejar nuestro 5to aniversario y vamos a sortear alguna entrada para los que no la pueden pagar :slight_smile:


buenísimo! aca estamos a full para recaudar todo lo que podamos para costear los gastos de translado y estadia, espero podamos reunirnos!


Ojalá! Estaría bueno (y) la entrada para ir a Chile es más barata porque es solo LP, en Arg es un festival. Ojalá puedan verlos este año :smiley: si vienen acá probablemente nos encontraremos adentro


Anniversary of SoldiersARG
Hi everyone! I would love to tell you about recent news from the group I belong to.
This month Soldiers Argentinos celebrated its 5th anniversary and we celebrate as we know best, with one of our special meetings, raffles of merch and official cds of Linkin Park + party in a night club that only plays music of Linkin Park and bands of the same style of music.
For this special occasion, the company in charge of organizing the festival in which Linkin Park is going to be performing next May 6th, gave us to draw a ticket to the show, to fulfill the dream of seeing the band live to a fan who could not afford it.
If you want to watch a video of that night I leave the link:


i was there <3