Some of my stuff


just though i’d come along and share some of my things i guess. :]

my linkin park shoes (which if anyone is going to the detroit show, you will see me wearing these :D)

muse - the resistance shoes

a tote bag with some of brandon boyd’s art

clay figurine of the girl for where’d you go in the fort minor booklet

aand one of mike’s pieces from diamonds spades hearts clubs, done on two canvases.

hope you guys like it. :]


Awesome!! I love the idea of painting the shoes, but being me I’d be paranoid as hell that I’d get them dirty or mess them up xD You’re talented, keep it up! :slight_smile:



you are so creative!


thank you :] yeah the shoes getting dirty kind of bothers me too, but they could always be washed if they get too dirty. i used acrylic paint on them, and that generally stays on fabric like that pretty well. i have ruined many pairs of jeans and shirts from getting paint smeared on them haha :smiley:

[quote=SD B E N N I N G T O N]THOSE LINKIN PARK SHOES… amazing omg

you are so creative![/quote]
thank you! :] i appreciate it loads. :3

also, leaving this here because i just did these last night; linkin park nails. :]


the clay figurine is amazing, you’re very talented!! when you get the chance to, you should definitely show it to Mike :slight_smile:


and i want that bracelet or necklace, but i think its bracelet , am i right xD
where did you get that bracelet D:


[quote=SD B E N N I N G T O N]WOW …
and i want that bracelet or necklace, but i think its bracelet , am i right xD
where did you get that bracelet D:[/quote]
its actually a necklace! and i got it from :]


Those are wonderful pieces of art! :slight_smile:


Thank you! I actually could’ve, i got picked for a meet and greet for my show last Tuesday, but i didn’t want to miss incubus play, so i gave it up to someone else. maybe next time, though… :]

Thanks so much! :]


Ohh… Linkin Park shoes. AWESOME :slight_smile:


Wow, What an artist, I love it all but as an addict of accesories, I fell in love with The bag, i want the same now… It’s awesome ! I hope you keep us posted on you’re future piece of art. There really great and thanks for sharing these :slight_smile:


you created these yourself? they look great!


thanks again for all the nice comments, guys! i really appreciate it. ive been gone from the lpu for a few months and in that time ive done a few more things… lol. ive started working on a linkin park guitar. its nowhere near finished yet but ive got the reanimation and hybrid theory sides done. check it out:

and here’s a LIVING THINGS tote i did for a good friend:

i also did some disney shoes for a friend:

and some doctor who shoes for my friend’s roommate:

needless to say ive kept myself busy with artwork. lol. i havent painted in a while because ive finally got myself a job and im just too exhausted to do anything when i get home, and all i want to do is relax on my days off. but i plan on getting more work done on that linkin park guitar soon. im also working on some LIVING THINGS shoes (because i cant get enough of that album cover, clearly


wow! you’re stuff is really great!!


thanks so much :]


pretty cool!