Some smiling canvases :) (size 100x70cm)


:dizzy_face: you’re truly an artist! :heart_eyes:




Wow that canvas is huge great job looks terrific :grinning:


Hey soldiers :slightly_smiling_face: seems to be it’s done but i’ll
Maybe play with some small details, i don’t know why i am still
not satisfied :grinning:


It’s awesome!! :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: So big and well done! :heart_eyes: I like it sooooo much! :blush:


It’s awesome! :heart_eyes:


Amaaaazing! That’s soooo wide! :heart_eyes: Well done! :grin:


Nicely done like that picture :grinning:


Thank you all :slightly_smiling_face:I would like to push it to hyperrealism level, but i need to buy some special brushes :thinking: all i have now are some junk old things, which looks like bunch of tuft , not like brushes :grin:


Holy cow that’s so big!


:dizzy_face: If you are able to do something like that with old brushes, I don’t know what you’ll do with new special ones!!! :heart_eyes:


So beautiful


This is not the end, this is not the beginning :slightly_smiling_face: i decided to push it to hyperrealism, it will take me some weeks, but i would like to try it, it’s time to bigger challenge :muscle:t2::fist:t2:


Thank you :slightly_smiling_face:


Wow looking good :grinning: Will Smith


New weapons ready :blush::muscle:t2:


Can’t wait to see your artwork with them! :heart_eyes:


I am little bit afraid if it will be good in finish, i did’t paint hyperrealism before, i’ll
Start with hair and eyebrows today


Want to see!!want to seeeee!!! :heart_eyes: please! :blush:


Maybe after some visible result :grin: it´s still in some kind of research