Someday, you will understand




Thank you!!

I don’t regret doing what I did, I just would like people to awake, to not protecting who’s hurting them… :point_down:


Thank you for your story! As to the other people reading, don’t be shy, if there are things you don’t understand, WE are here to help you understand what the issue is. To exert your will and let the true potential flow through your body and become the best version of yourself! Don’t give in to the addictions or “remedies” the world tries to sell you, the only remedy to all this is LOVE.


Awwww, how nice you guys- thanx for your trust @lpfan61 :hugs:


I did nothing really… :sweat_smile: :blush:


:hugs: role modeling isn’t nothing dear :kissing_heart:


Again I did nothing… :see_no_evil:
Anyway let’s stay on topic… :wink:


Lol- probably this is more on topic than it may seems- as in someday they’ll understand!