Something I wrote By Stephanie


Iam like a clock just tricking away
Waiting for the call
Just to end it all
Cause everyday grows longer
And every night darker than the one before
My head is spinning a million miles a second
And there’s no sign of it slowing down
I wish I Could set myself free
Form all the pressure

Cause I am glass
That’s be sharttered to many times
Broken beyond repair
And you don’t even care
I have hurts that will never heal
And no one knows what I feel

And many days I think I better off dead
And no one would understand
People think I a disgrace
Well others say I am A mistake
And I should have never been born

Cause I am glass
That’s been sharttered to many times
Broken beyond repair
And you don’t even care
I have hurts that will never heal
And no one knows what I feel

Every day I am reminded I am the cause of thier pain
Like I am some sort of stain
One that can’t be removed
One just stuck on your shoes
And I feel Like I a cruse
Because all I bring is hurt

Cause I am glass
That’s been sharttered one too many times
And it’s broken beyond repair
And no one even cares
I have hurts that will never heal
Well no one knows what I Feel

So I am a clock just tricking away
left waiting for the call
Just to end it all


Dark thoughts, but well written… but…if you feel this way right now better you stop a moment to think that not all the people are the same and would want that pain for you…let the dark thoughts away and think about the people who care for you… :muscle: :sun_with_face:


@turners34 yes I agree with lpfan61 the lyrics are dark . I do understand what you are coming from . You have a lot of people that will be here for u no matter how you feel.


thank you guys @lpfan61 and @hilaryfol it means a lot to me that when I can’t count on my family I can Count on My LP family


Awww…you’re welcome! :blush: :hugs:


I really like it ! The chorus is really good ! I think it’s your best song so far :+1:
I can somehow relate to the lyrics ; so I can tell you, if you keep thinking you’re a stain, then be the brightest stain ever ! Be a stain of gold !
And don’t let people tell you you’re a mistake… No one’s a mistake :handshake:


Thank you for your kind words and yeah I think that is my favorite one too @Mel_4


@turners34 I can relate to alot that is said. You are a very good writer. May 2018 inspire you more. Good luck to you.


Thank you @kathy357 it is nice to know that I am not the only thinking that way and yes I will continue writing because that is my ture passion


That was deep I like how you ended the poem great job :grinning:


Thank you Will I just write my feelings and turn them into a poem @annejprado it’s nice knowing that people like what I write and thank you too everyone that read my songs and gave me such positive feedback I would name you all one by one but it there were just too many I love you guys here. This place is getting me one step closer to my dream to be able to write songs for people and who knows maybe one day I could write a song for a band


@turners34 I hope that someone out there sees your talent and asks you to write or co- write a song. Wish you all the best. Keep it up.:heart::musical_note:


Yeah No one could stop me from doing my dream @kathy357


@turners34 I look Up to you. Your an idol in my eyes. Always be a fan. You keep me going.


Thank you I wish I had more to say but I am just last for words @kathy357 and that made my day so I thank you for that. And if you think I am an idol not I am just a 16 year old who writes songs about my life but I appreciate the comments but I could never rise to be an one cause the bar is set to high that I can’t reach it. And I am glad my music helps you keep on going. Cause music so powerful that it can do that well anything by Chester or Linkin park for that matter but no not mine. cause all really do is write my feelings I had that day and try and make it into a poem. It’s worth mentioning that Chester and Linkin park are the ones that inspired me to do music sorry this is so long I just had a lot to say and I would like to thank every soilder that read my stuff and commented.

And remember what ever you do

#make Chester proud #


I like your post above and your lyrics- they come from the inside and they are honest- this is just showing your trust- and it would sure #makeChesterproud


You really think that because he is my idol @theearlywalker


He is still … and his spirit guides our way on- I at least feel him everyday in the lil things :sunny:


Your welcome @turners34 and I will make Chester proud!!!