Something I Wrote


"her pale corpse is lied out in front of me.
dark wet hair obscuring a blank face.
snow clustered, falling over me.
my nose is bleeding, while my eyes are
crying blood with a blank expression.

six wings of blue plasma flame.
a dark form i’ve seen before is over her.
the form tears into her abdomen.
my guts spill painlessly onto the snow.

my bloody cracked skull is showing.
death goes to her, instead of me.
i’ll throw up a slew of pills.

pour bleach onto wounds.
heaven has never come down.
my blade is a key to the above floor.
soon to have wings of my own.

angels will never return here.
flames lick at our arms.
their teeth reaching our bones.

your choice is clear to them."

I had lost a close friend of mine to suicide about a week before Chester had killed himself aswell.
I wrote this as to how I was feeling at that particular time.
Thought I should post it here.


You write nice… Try improving your hobby and writing something inspiring :slight_smile: