Somewhere I Belong a poem


Somewhere I Belong

Lonely girl in a lonely world
Looking for a place where she belongs
She goes everywhere to find
That she will always be alone

We are humans, we make mistakes
We cry, we laugh, we die
We make each other happy and sad
We are in this together whether we want it or not.

I tried so hard to be somewhere
I tried to belong
Unfortunately it’s impossible
There is no place I belong

So this is my last word
My last testament
My days on the grounds are over
And I will say goodbye

I was looking for a reason to stay
I wanted to want to be alive
The reasons to live are small
The reasons to die are piling up

I am truly alone
The life is not for me
I simply don’t belong
So in time I will take the life away from me.


This really good you should really put more of your stuff on here. Cause you have a ture gift you can write songs @rorybourdon and this really what I felling right now so thank for sharing this


i suck at making rhymes so i am sticing to that free form verses. Giving myself more freedom in telling what i want to tell.
and thank you <3


Yeah I have a hard time with rhymes too so don’t feel bad about that it’s the thought that costs fwi my favorite Linkin park song is Somewhere I Belong @rorybourdon


i like it too :slight_smile: but for me it is personal as i am trying to find somewhere i belong in this world


Me too cause I never really fit in anywhere and people just don’t get me and been asking that question as long as I can remember cause I don’t belong anywhere but than I found this place A place I belong @rorybourdon


Amazing poem! Somewhere I Belong basically defines my life too.

I’m mostly trying to find the purpose of life. Its hard to explain. Like why do we go on each day doing these activities and work etc. Whats the purpose of all this. Do we live to just be, just to carry on until we die?
I sound depressed :joy:


Looking at it realistically? Pretty much nothing, it’s all just filling time with menial tasks for the most part. We as a species have boxed ourselves into boredom, poverty and other negativity.


We have to work to afford all the pretty things. I am working my ass off every day just to afford trips, concerts and other stuff.
And pretty stuff, concerts and trips make me really happy. So there.


@rorybourdon so wonderfully done touches me


Great poem I liked it the free form is not that bad


thank you :slight_smile: tried my best

@hilaryfol i am happy you liked it


Yeah. I feel the same way. We’re stuck in a system. A gear in a machine. The only way you’re free is if you feel free in your mind


I see. Yeah those things make us happy. I wasnt talking about work specifically.


Yes, you are correct. But most people don’t realize stuff like this. It’s unfortunate that many waste their lives on some things that really don’t matter. Life goes much deeper. Once you free your mind and you sway away from the “norms” only then will you realize it will all attract to you.


Great way to start questioning!


this became a very weird discussion lol


Was it meant to be weird? Maybe you are meant to see what some of us others see :p.

If you ever want to read about weird stuff, make way to “The Beauty of an ever questioning mind” thread. Just a bit of writing to heal the soul :smiley:


oh no i think i will pass especially today,

i don’t quite understand


I think it’s very well done. I think you are a lot better than you give yourself credit for.