Song Meanings


I was listening to Until it Breaks and I thought the lyrics were really interesting, especially

‘‘I get iller, I deliver while you quiver in your pants
So shake, shake down, money here’s the break down
You can play the bank I’ma play the bank take down
And make no mistakes now I’m coming to get you
I’m just a Banksy, you’re a Brainwash, get the picture
It’s like that’’

And I’m wondering what these lyrics mean to me and what they might mean to other members of LPU. So what is your interpretation of UIB or any other Linkin Park song?

My personal favorite song, probably always will be is ‘Waiting For The End’ and it’s kinda obvious what that song means. So, what is your favorite LP song and what does it mean to you and what do you think LP themselves meant by your favorite song lyrics.