Song with most meaning


What songs of linkin parks have the most meaning to you.
For me there’s a few but I’m going with iredesecent.

It is simple but powerful to me, to be able to feel so helpless and so much pain and all you can do is let it go.

Obviously there’s more to the song then that but I think most could find something to relate to in the track.


I could connect to a good number of the songs if I really tried to. The one that resonates with me most easily, though, is probably “Robot Boy”


I agree with you @minuteforce! And to me also The messanger sounds powerfull


Ever since She Couldn’t was discovered, I’ve always really liked it and felt it had a lot of meaning, even though it seems very vague. Breaking the Habit also, but I feel like that’s too obvious of an answer knowing the backstory


There are different LP songs, that mean a lot to me, depending on the period and circumstances. Sometimes, I even wanna quote some parts them. Like: “Shut up when I’m talking to you!” or “Try to catch up mot*****cker!”.
By the way, I like “Iredescent” too. There was a moment, I linked it to one of my friends, as the words of support. Thak LP for giving such an opportunity.


Depends on the occasion and the individual. Every song means something but each person understands it differently.
For example, there are not many people that even think of HHH or Little Things being meaningful songs but they are. And very deep ones as well.

For me, if I had to chose a few LP songs that speak to me a lot, they’d be WFTE, LITE and Not Alone.


These songs helped me through really bad times:
No Roads Left, Iridescent, The Catalyst, Burning In The Skies, In The End, Numb and so many others…

Actually, all their songs really have meaning, like everyone else has said already.


I think OP would tell you that this thread is about individuals’ perspectives. :slightly_smiling:


“Somewhere i belong” because this song is very accurately describes my life.


For me it’s Roads Untraveled, but I agree with most of the other ones that have been suggested here, like Somewhere I belong, Iridescent and robot boy


I think, I mostly agree with @gatsie, every song has it´s own specific note, energy and lyrics… but they´re all deserved to those who overcome, pure power enerrgy feeling combined expression of states of mind, we all share with each other, that´s mb why we became lpu-soldiers? …


I can say it’s Breaking the Habit, The Messenger, Numb, Castle of Glass and Final Masquerade.
I think it was… six or seven months ago, but I’m not sure. So, some months ago I had bad habits.
This songs helped me.
And I really wanna tell it to (You-Know-Who) - Thank you. Just… just thank you.

PS. Sorry if I did some mistakes. I still learn English, because I’m from Poland.


My most meaning full song is numb because sometimes I feel I’m letting down everyone in my family. Everything my mother though I’ll be fell apart right in front of her.


For me the song with the most meaning is Burning In The Skies! It’s my fav one of them.