Song writing advice


If anyone has experience with song writing, I’m curious if you would work on the lyrics first then apply a tune to it later or vice versa?

I have been playing around with my guitar and came across a sound I liked.
After working on the tune I decided to try putting lyrics with it and I have written them but I can’t get them to fit.

Any advice


If you haven’t already seen it… You should definitely watch this video. Love the vid and maybe it will help you out…


Seen it a while ago but il watch it again, I remember mike saying something about Rick rubin commenting on the way they write


They mention a lot! Especially as far as how they put their music together and how they did it differently on MtM.


Some artists write lyrics first and then work their way around the music and others do the opposite. There’s automatic writing as well but in the end, it’s just how you’re more comfortable or what you find easier to do.


Try talking to @acemasters he writes lyrics, but I don’t know if he adds tunes.


I tend to write lyrics and theme around the words
However there have been a few times i have a tune in my head and write around it

With that note i cant sing nor play a instrument but know how my lyrics would sound

I could help you with lyrics or help them fit but would need to hear the theme and see whats what


Yeah I can’t sing, but I play a little bit of guitar.

It was interesting though as I never thought of trying it before and it happened accidentally while doing some finger plucking.


Tell ya what
Send me a sample of what you can do or what you got and maybe i can put something with it


Hey, I write and record music too and I have to admit that there’s absolute no rule. Most of the time you can’t even control it.
Inspiration is one of the mysteries we have the pleasure to experience, so it’s there when you feel it.
There is really no rule except that you have to do what you feel I guess :smile:

I hope to inspire you with my music, so I if you like listen to my YouTube channel:


Il get something together :+1:t5:


How do pm on here?


You have to have a paid LPU account :unamused: Then you have to go to the main LP site, find whoever you’re looking for (LPU>Members>search) and do it from there.


I could leave ya me email addy or find ya on fb or something?!?


Yeah sure, need to get something to record it first cause it sounds really bad on my phone


The video helped my prospective on the concept of making music also thanks. @Firekeeper


Glad I could help. :smile:


Cool man
When you have it ready give me drop me a line


Might just do a snippet of it on my phone


I’ve done a minute long video, how you want it?
Sounds terrible off my phone but it’s the gyst but things need ironing out and that yet