Song you don't' like?


Now I see all these posts about songs that we love or top songs… etc. but what about a thread on songs that we don’t particurally like. As a fan they are still my favorite band and will always be but I don’t like all their music. So what are songs you actually don’t like by the band or do you literally like them all?? If so why cause don’t just say I like them all cause everything they do is perfect. The songs I don’t enjoy are in between, until it breaks, skin to bone, mark the graves, roads untraveled, and drawbar. (And 90% of recharged :joy:) As for all the other songs I thoroughly enjoy!

PS: if you can’t tell my least fave album was LT lol (you can say what album you didn’t like as well)



-All of the interludes in ATS
-Battle Symphony
-Battle Symphony
-Battle Symphony
-Battle Symphony
-Battle Symphony


WOW!!! @the_termin8r you really don’t like heavy WOW!

I don’t know what song I hate.


Im not a fan of Until it Breaks, bit too much rap for my liking, most of the stuff of Recharged im not took keen on either (:smiley:) apart from light that never comes which is awesome


I 2nd this. I feel that UIB is by far the worst LP song to date. The sound is awful and it’s weak in the lyrics department.

“…my daddy builds rockets…”



I can’t stand the tempo, or the tune or the lyrics. A horrid song, but nowhere near as spiteful as heavy :stuck_out_tongue:


I don’t like “Battle Symphony.” “Heavy” has grown on me. I have never really cared for “What I’ve Done,” “In Pieces,” nor “Valentine’s Day” (I actually really love the beginning of “Valentine’s Day,” but always change the song right when they start singing “On a Valentine’s Day”). I also don’t care for “The Catalyst” (it’s just a weird sounding song imo). Other songs that aren’t really my favorite are “Guilty All The Same” and “Wastelands” (they sound similar imo and feel somewhat unnatural. I didn’t include instrumentals in this list because I consider them more like transitional songs for the albums, so they don’t bother me too much.


Wastelands (I don’t like the intro at all and the chorus too )
LOATR ( I think Chester’s singing is quite whiny on this one)
In Between (lack of instrumentation)
Points of Authority ( Specifically I dont like the chorus)
SIB ( I dont actually hate this song but this song was never interesting to me )
All for Nothing (uninteresting)
Until It’s Gone (The instrumentation is amazing but the song is quite forgetful in a away)


I really don’t like black out
I love hybrid theory but I don’t like runaway at all.


-Recharged (except ALTNC)
-Interludes also in ATS
-Heavy (Now I don’t like 5x)
-Battle Symphony (Now I don’t like 3x)


Until It Breaks, Lies Greed Misery, One Step Closer, and Crawling are all super annoying to me. I dont care much for Powerless either, the drum machine is super irritating. I also don’t like Tinfoil. Roads Untraveled is atonal and unpleasant to listen to, and I’m starting to lean that way with Castle Of Glass too. So mostly just like half of Living Things, really. In Between is also just kinda boring… I don’t hate it, but I definitely won’t seek it out to listen to it.


All their songs grew on me completely.

The songs that I initially didn’t like are:
Every song other than in the end.


You will all hate me
The whole hybrid theory album (i kinda like in the end- but I like more the energy of it when they play it live)


That’s the first time I’m hearing that from a fan. Don’t worry, you’re relatively safe here, we’re not keyboard warriors.


Just went over my list again when I saw this, I meant ALITS not MTG, can’t edit the post.


The first song I ever liked from lp was numb…
I still remember my reaction when one step closer was on tv…


Why am I discovering this just now?


  • Recharged (every single song)
  • Crawling
  • Until It Breaks
  • Heavy

There are probably more but these I completely loathe.


@georkost will everyone has their opinions right. np my friend


I don’t really like being negative about somebody else’s creative work, but I’m bored so thought I’d share my few pennies too.

Shadow of the Day (just not a fan), Halfway Right (too theatrical), Battle Symphony (simply don’t like the tone), Until It Breaks (see below), Invisible (bit bland), are ones that I’m not too keen on. Some of UIB is quite cool, but it’s the slower vox towards the end that sound a bit like Cliff Richard to me…