Song You Love When You Hear It


Not sure if a post like this has been done before, but just came to mind. Which Linkin Park song can you not help but fall in love with? My choice would be The Little Things Give You Away. The more I hear it, the more I love it (probably not wedding appropriate, but when I was married, I chose that song to play)


There’re a few of them.
Waiting For The End, In The End, Breaking The Habit, A Line In The Sand, In My Remains, Roads Untraveled, The Catalyst, Final Masquerade


Thank you


everysong except HHH


What about Triple H?


Hands Held High? (Btw, it’s one of the best off MTM)


Triple H isn’t a part of Linkin Park… duh


Lying from You… only keeps getting better with age to me.


I think this classic never fails I like crawling


Waiting for the end… it’s the perfect match between lyrics and melody. :heart_eyes:


all I need to know - tfk


I agree with The Little Things Give You Away. I also always fall in love with Shadow of the Day, Burning in the Skies, Waiting for the End, and pretty much the entire Living Things album. Seriously, every time I listen to Living Things, I am almost shocked at how much I love it. Like, I often have personal debates with myself over if I love Living Things even more than I love Hybrid Theory (which is the first album that got me hooked on LP).


Leave Out All The Rest… Thats a grat song


Every songs made me feel something, but the most strong feelings that I remember was hearing Final Masquerade for the first time, I was in my country’s Warner office, in a Fans special pre listen and when started to hear Chester voice… I felt my skin prickling


That’s amazing. Most of their music got me through different things. Final Masquerade got me through divorce, Minutes To Midnight got me out of a long depression in my teens too


I agree, when I got Hybrid Theory, it was for Christmas when I was younger. Changed my outlook on life. First favorite song from that album was and still is With You :blush: