Songs by Stephanie @StephLP18


I really love something I wrote though :blue_heart:


so is that your favortive @chigokurosaki




Idk yet lol I have to re read them all :joy:


it’s ok we have time that’s why I put it up now


I’m confused, what’s happening?


well in about 3 weeks i have to enter a song I wrote in a contest my writing club is having so @theearlywalker said I should make a poll and have soliders vote for their fav one


Ah ok. Well I think you’d be fine with any of them.


We support @turners34 by giving our opinion on her song- lyrics @the_termin8r, nothing more ( and nothing less) :blush:


I’ve voted for the top 3


ok that’s fine


I didn’t know that it was only one vote only until I voted for my three, lol


it’s ok people where saying that the couldn’t vote becaused they liked them all so I gave them this option too


Voted! :smile: I like all, but if I have to choose… still waiting is one of my favourites… :blush:


Aww thanks for voting @lpfan61


I need more votes :joy: :blue_heart: still waiting and light of day are just so beautiful :blue_heart:


Yeah my top 3 would be something I wrote light of day and still waiting @chigokurosaki


Ok only you because you asked


Hi Nice to hear from you @turners34 I missed you . That song is exactly how i feel these days. Been thinking about you…


Ah thanks how are you doing