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Well thanks for asking. I lost another friend from work She od on heroin And it hurts I only knew her for a yr We did alot of things after work together and I never had a clue she did drugs. She didn’t have anyone so i took it upon myself to be her friend. I have lost alot of friends from work from drugs.Myself and 2 other people my friends at work are the only ones that almost lost it because she is gone. No one else cared.


I am so sorry for your lost is their any I could do to help you right now and I will be here for you always. @kathy357


I’m so sorry to hear that.


Well I do :sparkling_heart:


Aahhhh!!! I never sawwww this threaddd!! :scream::scream::scream::fearful::fearful:
@turners34 !! You write awessoomee!! Keep going friend :sparkles::sparkles::heart::hugs::hugs::hugs::hugs:

I’ll keep this thread on tracking!! :raised_hands:


Aww thank you. @Honey8 for your love :sparkling_heart::heart::sparkling_heart: and kind words. And I will keep writing to the end of time because that’s what I love to do


Yesss! Never five up on what uou love!


Hi @melisLP thanks it hurts alot.


Hi again @turners34 2017 was a bad year for me April I lost my best friend of 40 yrs May I lost my 3rd oldest sister from bladder cancer. July was Chester I mean I barely got over them 2 and then coming home from work to find out about Chester .It was 4pm and I sat for an hour till 5 before I could shake off the shock just enough to get cleaned up and eat. Then in Dec my youngest brother. Just getting thru that and now my friend Sonia I mean how much can a person take. 2018 starts out like this’. Just not fair. Thanks for caring . I really appreciate it.


That’s really fucked up, sorry to hear that. :pensive:


Sending strenght to you @kathy357 !! :muscle: :muscle: :hugs:


Sending you strength and all the love in the world and you well always have us to support you


Hi @lpfan61 Thanks it really helps knowing I have you . I never talked or shared my issues with anyone before . I am single and almost everyone close to me is gone.


You’ve got us.


Awwww @kathy357 you’re not alone!! Here you have lots of friends like @melisLP said… :blush: :hugs:
Btw… nice to meet you!! :sun_with_face: :hugs: hope to see you around here more! :smile: :hugs:


Hey @turners34 - good luck for your contest! So exciting, I have voted, but do tag me again if you need more input!! :slight_smile:


Your are guiding Angel bringing closer to the light.
Taking the darkness out of the night
you inspire me your spirit guiding me
You helped me though my darkness moments
even if I don’t know you but a second you left a lasting impact on me
That could never be taken away
I know you are in a better place today
We you don’t need to worry about the mess are world has became
Even though you are gone
You left us a gift in the form of song
And every moment that passes
Is longer then the one that came before
Even though you are gone away
I will keep you in my heart every day
You are the light in the dark
And we could never be broken apart
Some day we Will meet again
My lost friend
Cause you are my guiding Angel
Bringing me closer to the light
You brought me up from the ground
Hopless and broken
You still inspire me with your spirit
That’s still here
And you removed my fear
You look out for me night and day
Wacthing me form far away
Cause you are my guiding Angel
Bringing be closer to the light
Taking the darkness out of night
Your spirit guiding me every day
You helped me though my darkness moments
Even though I don’t know you but a second
You left a lasting impact on me
That could never be taken away
You are the brightest star in the sky
Holding me when I cry
Telling me to pour my soul into everything
And to stop at nothing
And I owe everything to you
I try my best even though I may fail
Because no one is perfect
You guide me and stay with me though the darkness times
You are my guiding Angel


Is this your poem for Chester I read? :purple_heart: :gift_heart:


And yes I wasn’t going to post it but since you said you liked so much I decided to post it on here. @chigokurosaki and I really do hope he would love it)


It’s really beautiful… :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: