Songs by Stephanie @StephLP18


Loving the two latest songs

They are really great


Thanks ace ( @acemasters) that means a lot to me coming from a songwriter as talented as yourself


I really like this one


You can’t repair the damage thats been done
Rebellion: I can’t repair the damage done

And I can see right through your disguise
Forgotten: im telling you that I see it right through you

They are changed up a little, but I still feel that its somewhat there.


I don’t mean to do this lol I am sorry


Lol, all fine, you did a good job with this as always. :blue_heart::yellow_heart::two_hearts::revolving_hearts::heavy_heart_exclamation:


Are you sure it’s all fine


I think you’re panicing over nothing, it was an observation, not a complaint. :stuck_out_tongue:


Lol :joy:

Great song dear, no worries- and someone grown up with lp- or already got the pleasure to listen to them in her moms belly, no wonder that it’s in your blood Steph, don’t feel ashamed but proud on it! There are not a lot out there with such an ability :blush:


Thanks @theearlywalker and yes I my mom played hybrid theory well I was in her belly and all I wanted was for people to enjoy my work and thanks for the endless support guys


Dried up tears

The dark cloud is gone
So I am singing a new song
The nightmare has ended
And the light has been sent
The Sun has risen
It’s become a New season
No more lies
All that’s is blue skies
I am free
To be the real me
I don’t have to hide in the shadow
Because it’s finally tomorrow
My pain frozen
Because that’s my poison
Time to throw the sorrow
Out the window
Time for me to heal
And become real
Time to clean the tar Off my heart
And have a New start


That’s awesome! :heart_eyes: :muscle: :sun_with_face: I like it very much! :blush:


I like this piece very much


I would like to make my own adlum but I need help because I never done this before and I know I have no right to ask this but @NickGr and @rickvanmeijel you make great videos and adlums how do you do it I just don’t know about this stuff would you please teach me


Sure thing! Rick is a better teacher i guess though… anyway, I’ll write you on discord once i’ve got my schedule cleared, ok?


Thanks Nick


You wanna write lyrics only or create actual music? I can help you with both though :slight_smile:


Actual music to go with my lyrics


And you want to sing the lyrics too?


I would but I have a horrible voice I can’t sing