Songs end early when playing in iTunes


iTunes (12) has issues playing my new LP songs. Anyone else have a similar problem? The songs will play fine for a bit, but then at some point the song will end prematurely and start the next song. All songs get cut off at a different point in time. But a track will always get cut off at the exact same spot. I did notice that the playhead seems to jump to the 1 second left in the song mark, and then jumps to the next song in the playlist (don’t know if that helps). When you preview the item with the space bar, on a mac, the song will play fine ALL the way through. I even played the tracks via Quicktime all the way through.




iTunes is probably the most problematic music platform nowadays. Just get Spotify.
Then again, Check the preferences on each song, there’s an option to start and end the song at a particular point, so make sure that feature is off


I updated my iTunes after avoiding the alert for who knows how long so I could see if I would have the same issues. I regret it already, I JUST got used to the old design

Anyways, I haven’t had any issues, so far at least, with music playback, but what you described happened to me back when Burn It Down was sent as an MP3 back whenever. The song played fine on my iPhone and VLC, but skipped in iTunes


Thanks for the replies. I am sure it is an iTunes thing. I have no problem listening via VLC or whatever. It was not the end early option. iTunes is just having a hard time getting by something that is in the codec of the mp3s.