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Hey there… I’m new here…
I’ve got an account on youtube. You can go on this side:

and hear me… But I wanted to earn money from my films… Does anybody know, how can I ask it to: Mike, Chester, Rob, Joe, Brad or Dave? Help me please…


You can’t earn money on someone else’s work lol


The only way to make a living out of YouTube is to upload vlogs about whatever, your daily life, tutorials on stuff. You can’t make money by uploading other people’s work though. You’re basically stealing from them by doing that (and not claiming them the copyright).


You can for sure make money from covers, but I’m not sure how much legal work is done in the background of that (like weather or not you need permission for it). For example:

But uploading Linkin Park’s original content isn’t gonna get you anywhere, but it doesn’t look like you have any on your channel