Songs in your Head


Hey Guys, I do not know how you say to a song that finds you the whole Day through your Head. In Germany we say Earwig :smile: . Well at least I will have the whole morning Chesters Unicorn and Lollipop song through my Head
My colleagues in the office are already slightly annoyed hihihihi. Do you know something?


across the line. i can´t get it out of my head since 3 or 4 weeks :smile:


and always in my head: breaking the habit :wink:


aaaaaand you’ve got Unicorns and Lollipops stuck in my head now, how did i not know this existed before xD

i’m really loving A Line In The Sand off of Hunting Party recently :wink:


hahahaha very nice, now I’m not alone anymore


Since i read “Head” in the title of this thread: “A Place For My Head”


at the moment its guilty all the same


Had Final Masquerade stuck in my head since my 7 yr. old started singing it to me this morning.


Guilty all the same^^ hahaha I have it in my head for many days hahahah Ohrwurm :blush:


the same song as my^^


Thanks for the unicorn and lollipop earwing @CoRini

But i still have mine since about 6 Days now… Chester singing Dead and Bloated

keep singing it all the time


Final Masquerade, since the concert in Berlin, last week ^^


I really don’t know why, but In My Remains won’t leave me for already 10 days now… :smiley:


I’ll be gone since … well, a few months now.


The Catalyst for me! :smiley:


For some reason Burn It Down’s stuck in my head for quite a few weeks now. The other day I was practicing with the church band and accidentally sang the lyrics to Burn it Down, instead of a church song.


Guilty all the same and wastelands, because ive listened to the new album so many times now lol


yeayyy :slight_smile: That is such an amazing song :blush:


I had New Divide stuck in my head for two or three days, when I listened to it for the first time, 2 years ago (:


+1 —> SAME !! guilty all the same…