Songs linkin park probably wont play live :(


there are a few songs , such as powerless, and roads untraveled that i think, probably wont be played live. it seems like if they haven’t already, then they have probably gotten forgotten about to play live.


I think that Powerless played but song which I never listened that they played is for example No Roads Left, Valentine´s day or Across The Line…I didn´t listen these songs or live performance (youtube) or on concerts


Some songs are very hard to play live due to the many layers they consist of (i.e Robot Boy). Plus, keep in mind that they need to play the “hits” and singles in order to please everyone in the crowd. They can’t just play any song… That’s why the tend to mash them up and add a verse here or a chorus there.


I think it’s safe to assume that, every time they release a new album, past songs they haven’t played up until that point probably don’t stand a chance of being revisited.

The average fan isn’t going to go to a show to hear songs like that. More times than not, they’re only there to hear the favorite song they heard on the radio, which is generally what the average Linkin Park show is.

In an interview Mike did not too long ago with AltWire, he mentioned the live show, and, more to the point, said that if the LPUers were left to dictate the show, there would be no room for the singles to please everybody else that came out to see them.


Yeah I agree, its unlikely that songs that were never played up to this point in the live show will never get played, but they did play the entire Hybrid Theory album in a one off concert at Rock am Park or Rock am Ring this year, so you never really know


It was Download, and the festival suggested it for them.


I’ve heard that they don’t usually play “Breaking The Habit” live. Idk if it’s true or not, but I’d love to hear it! :smiley:


Breaking The Habit was a staple in LP’s set practically every show from late 2003 until last spring. They omitted it from the setlist once they started touring for The Hunting Party


I actually do remember in 2003 when they could not play Breaking the Habit. Chester was reportedly to emotional. I don’t remember if that was true or not.

Was happy to hear it in 2004 when they finally did play it.

I always wanted to see By Myself live. And there’s a recording of And One that sounded awesome in a way that the HTEP didnt capture.


November 15, 2003
San Bernardino, California
Smokeout Festival
Breaking The Habit live debut


November is like the same as January man. Especially when you dont tour Decembers.


I wish that more of A Thousand Suns was played. They never play much (except Waiting For the End) from it and it would be such an incredible set with the extra percussion and synths. But I also remember in an interview with Chester he said that the slow songs weren’t that fun to play and the Hunting Party was really bringing the songs that would be fun for them to play back.


Iridescent’s also partially play in the medley with SOTD and LOATR. Parts of The Catalyst are also sung on the show opener, and on the bridge of Bleed It Out.

A Thousands Suns is personally, my favorite LP album, mainly because of how it’s structured. I, too, would love to see more A Thousand Suns in the set. But, with each new album, it gets increasingly more difficult to keep a lot of songs in the live show, in favor of the singles.


Wow, this is the most emotional I’ve ever seen Chester be on stage. That was so…powerful, thank you for sharing the link. I really wish I could see them play Breaking the Habit again. I don’t remember it very well when I first saw them.


Anything from Mmm…Cookies. trust m, i asked.


I would love to hear them play one from LPU8, especially Bubbles :stuck_out_tongue:


would love to hear My December at some point. I asked Chester about playing that when I met him but he said it was mostly a one-time thing for KROQ some years ago and also it doesn’t get the crowd pumped like other songs do


Would love for them to bring back in pieces or valentines day :frowning: or debut a line in the sand!


What they should do is to blend it. Play the biggest hits. Have one or two songs from each album as standards in every show. And then switch up some songs for every concert(Like two or three, even just one song whould make the concert that much more awsome!) Say their setlist consist of 15-20 songs. 1 is the concert intro. Like they can easily play a few songs that they can switch from time to time( these songs can consist of other songs from their albums or even some of their unreleased songs) And even with all that, there is room for them to debut new songs from the newest album. Like many LP fans, that don’t like their styles on certain albums, i’m not like them, I love every album and I don’t think that changing style for every album is a mistake, I think it’s a smart move. Me on the other hand, don’t like some of their other things, like: Their albums are too short( imo their albums should last for about an hour.) The standard thing to have 11 songs + interludes/Instrumentals…, And that they always play almost the exact same concert every time. Their biggest mistake ever is cutting 5 out of the original 17 tracklist of MTM, Including their song No Roads Left( one of their best songs ever made). They do have allot of decisions that i don’t like, but changing their style for every album is not one of them.


Valentine’s Day:

No Roads Left (performed along with Bleed it out/APFMH)

Since Across the Line is an exclusive LPU song, it has minimal chances of being played live.