Songs not to play


The Police-Every Breath You Take

At the White House


American Idiot - Green day.

When your older brother is talking by phone.


Eiffel 65 -blue

When you invite your mother in law for a dinner


LP - Don’t stay

During an argument with your parents


Faint definetely FAINT ( “no hear me out now!”

In class


Black light burns - Your head will be rotting on a spike (unless it’s a history class).

Middle of a skydive


Free falling -tom petty

During an interview for a job


LP - Given Up

During a wedding


I want to break free - Queen :smirk: :joy:

During a concert of Luis Fonsi :see_no_evil:


I don’t know who that is.


Me neither…had to search to know… :joy: :joy:
He’s the one who sing despacito… :see_no_evil: I was curious about the next reply… :see_no_evil:


Any real song. No his “work”

While I’m listening to Linkin Park.



(You saw it coming :joy::joy::joy:)

During a meeting with a life coach


Live and let die - Guns N’ Roses

In a prison


Bubbles -linkin park

During a break up


I didn’t expect that! :joy: :joy:

Crazy - Aerosmith.

In a cruise.


Drowning -backstreet boys ( I was a teen in the 90’s!!!)

During cooking


Made my day


Any song to sleep.

In a Heavy Metal Festival.


Any taylor swift song

During a fight