Songs not to play


Queen- Friends will be friends

In a library


Get this party started - pink

While studying


All Linkin Park songs, you know why.

In the bathroom.



While sleeping


I always study with LP songs :joy: Am I the only one ?

Paint it, black - The Rolling Stones

At a birthday party


When I studied I used to do it, now no.


Kids’ party: Any song from the 60’s.

Adults’ party: Any children’s song.

Caught in an elevator.


It’s going down mike shinoda x-ecutioners

While feeling cold


Hollywood Undead - Bottle and a gun

While on a plane during turbulence


Why am I only seeing this thread now? This is great


LP - Until It Breaks

While studying


B. Y. O. B. - System of a Down.

When your girlfriend/boyfriend is very angry.


Disturbed - Violence fetish

At the gym


Pizza pie SOAD
JK that song doesn’t even exist.

The ice cream song of the ice cream trucks.

During a movie of Marvel.



Lool! Don’t say that! They are my math biisters! I always hear to then!!

No way! I am here! :joy: Same!!


That song came from here by a local band.
It was like the mixed up of the origin songs Toxicity and Chop Suey! by SOAD :joy:

Immigrant Song - Led Zeppelin

During a date of the lovers


Do you mean chic ‘n’ stu ?


Oh right, it was Chic N Stu also :joy:


Yes. That’s what happen when you don’t understand well other language Jaja.

Valentine’s day.

While I’m taking a shower.


Not alone - Linkin Park

While I’m making a fire


Burn it down - LP

While I’m studying for my exams