Songs not to play


Burn Season - Suffering

While getting a haircut


LP - Nobody Can Save Me

While getting stuck in the snow


TFK - E for extinction

While being chased by a tiger.


Survivor - Eye of the tiger

While I’m cooking


I am weird then cause linkin Park helps me sleep


No it is worst played at school or at work

But it’s a good song


The game is songs NOT to play :slight_smile: you write which song is not appropriate for the occasion that the previous person said :slight_smile:


Burn it down, because you just want to burn everything around you :crazy_face:

When I talk with the parents of my partner about have kids.


Kill 'em all metallica

When you feel tired


Any sleeping song.

When you walk alone in the night to your house.


The phantom of the opera

When you are to a funeral


Blindspott - Yours truly

Walking through the rough part of town


I’m not sure, but depends who is the death and its music taste.

For example if was Rob’s funeral:
Heavy (on live)

If was my funeral:
Any Reguetón song.

Triller - Michael Jackson.

When you are playing with your younger brother.


Buried alive



If you play heavy at my funeral you’ll be joining me in hell :joy:

We just had this but ok.

White noise owl - Are you breathing?

On the bus


Crush and burn -savage garden

( Heavy also NOT in my funeral please !!! :slight_smile: )

When you are in the post office


For you only,with all my love DESPACITO !!! (now you love me more than ever, I know)


Blindspott - Room to breathe

Outside Buckingham palace


I’ll see you there jajajaja :joy: :joy: :joy:

I personally will sing it for you jajajaja

Any rap song.

In front of Mike Shinoda.


Stephen Jerzak kill the queen

When you want to kiss someone for the first time