Songs not to play


Auld Lang Syne

On this day.


Jingle bells.

On Valentine’s day.


Breaking the habit

Minutes before a very important exam


Depending the subject.

In physical education:
Linkin Park Road to Revolution live at Milton Keynes.

I’d end tired and without energy.

In Mathematics:
The ABC song.

The tune would make you forget what you learned :joy:

And so.

When you are going to make a cover of One More Light?


A light that never comes - LP &Steve Aoki

When you’re eating


Blindspott - Suffocate


Black Light Burns - New hunger

While at work


One step closer.

While a friend is watching a movie.


The annoying thing

when you should not laugh


Cheetos, cheetas

In theater


One Step closer

In the Schools Counselors office


Lies Greed Misery.

While your kids are playing online.


Until it breaks

When you want to relax


Despacito to the most loud volume :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

When you need to be alone.


Let’s have a party backstreet boys

When you need personal space


Touch My Body - Mariah Carey :laughing:

When you’re feeling carsick (and are still in the moving car)


Puke -eminem

When you have to stand still


Korn - Blind

During the 1 min silence on remembrance day


Rea Garvey - Can’t Stand The Silence (Pat shared this song a few months ago)

After you accidentally bit your tongue.


Chocolate salty balls -southpark

You are feeling sleepy


Disturbed - The Sound Of Silence

In a beach party