Songs not to play


Remember the name

When you are a doctor and talking to the family from one of your patients (shortly before a risky Operation )


8mile eminem (the first verse)

When you have a headache


:joy: :joy: lolz!!

Will jump and start dancing! :stuck_out_tongue:

Exactly!! This is 10%luck and 20% skill!


Sybreed - Machine gun messiah

After a long day at school / work.


Mozart or Vivaldi discography.

When you are alone in a cage with lions.


Institute - When animals attack

While drowning


Walk on water

When you are tired


Nightmare on elm street song :joy:

When you propose to someone


12 Stones - Save yourself :joy:

While home alone


Three Days Grace Home (possibly)

In detention


Rape me, by Nirvana.

While you are in the traffic.

OF: Last reply for today.


Burn Season - Suffering

While stuck in an elevator


Linkin Park - Powerless

While waiting for the train to arrive


Korn - Next in line

While having PC issues


True :joy::joy: :joy::laughing:


With you, reanimation version.

Just imagine this:
You are there, working on the PC, then starts the song and you just take the PC and throw it over the room screaming F**k this s°°t!!! :joy:

While you are in the zoo, close the lions.


Any song? :frowning:


Institute - When animals attack

When standing next to someone you hate.


Always - Bon Jovi :laughing:

When standing next to someone you love


Justin Bieber Baby :joy: never lol, I would be like wtf! :joy:

While punishing your kid