Songs not to play


Disturbed - Violence fetish :joy:

While getting fired from work.


Three Days Grace: Riot, Theory of a Deadman: Hate My Life, Linkin Park: Burn it Down, etc.

While beating up Justin Bieber


Korn - Punishment Time

When being beaten up :joy:


Three Days Grace: Its All Over

When getting a lecture


Allele - Dead and cold

While trying to sleep


Craig David - Insomnia

When your car engine won’t start


Wheels - Foo Fighter

When you want to relax and be alone


Dagoba - The sunset curse

When late for work / school


Relax take it easy - Mika lol

In a queue


Korn - Reclaim my place

As the plane you’re on falls out of the sky.


Cobra Starship - Snakes on A Plane

When you run away before dinosaur


Aram Khachaturian - Sabre Dance

When doing an assignment


Michael Jackson - Leave Me Alone

When sitting on the toilet



Burn Season - Out of control :joy:

During a bar fight?


Bleed it out - LP hahah!

When your at the vets


Black light burns - Tiger by the tail

At the zoo


Actually true! :joy:


Katy Perry - Roar

Watching Games of thrones


LOTR theme

In the shower.