Songs not to play


babe give me one mo time -bitchn spears :joy:

whenyou like to say sorry?


Ms. Jackson

When your late for family dinner


my way- limp bizkid
overfilled tube


Let the bodies hit the floor

When meeting your lover for the first time.


Slipknot - The Nameless (the possession in this song is realll)

When preps won’t freakingg shut up


One Step Closer - Linkin Park

When outside alone at night.


Enter sandman - Metallica

During a corporate meeting


NOFX - You’re Wrong

While boarding a verrrrrry tall roller coaster


Stairway to heaven- LZ

During a war.


This Is War - 30 Seconds to Mars

At hockey match


Ice Ice Baby - Vanilla Ice

At a park a lot


Happy - Pharrell Williams

In outer space


Heavy - Kiiara ft Linkin Park

When you’re in a traffic jam


Lady Bump - Penny McLean

When moving houses


This house is not for sale - Bon Jovi (though this song annoys me lol)

when looking at the view on the edge of a cliff


Jump Around - House of pain

In a bank


I shot the sherif - Bob Marley

while eating apple-pie?


Eminem – Puke
[especially the sound fx are tasty]

When you’re in a public restroom and it is smelling like shit.


Wanna fu** a dog in the a** Blink 184

in the bathtub



At a Chinese restaurant