Songs that deserved a music video and didn't get one?


So here is one for you happy lot

Songs that you think should of got a music video but didn’t

Now this ISN’T limited to just Linkin Park so ANY BAND and ANY SONG that didn’t get a music video but should of
Do one band and one song and tag someone to do the same!

I will start and it is only fitting it’s a LP song

Linkin Park: No More Sorrow



Forgotten - LP
(very nice idea ! :smile:)


Then what you call this?


Blink 182 - Fuck a dog



That’s not one I want to see :stuck_out_tongue:

Red - fight inside


Me neither lol

For the people that thought I was serious:
I was joking


Bestiality :stuck_out_tongue:


That is fan made
There is no official NMS music video

M2M official Music Videos was
Given Up
Leave Out All The Rest
Bleed It Out
What I’ve Done
Shadow Of The Day

There was a Encore session version of NMS but no official NMS music video


LP - My December :blue_heart:


Hybrid Theory - With You possibly?
Meteora - Easier to Run,
Minutes to Midnight - the little things give you away,
A Thousand Suns - Blackout,
Living Things - Roads Untravelled,
The Hunting Party - Keys to the Kingdom/Rebellion

Another song was Blackbirds as well. I know that they put studio pictures in a video but a music video would fit into the song as well


Evanesence - Tourniquet


A song that deserved a music video but didnt get one


really? @acemasters? Does “with you” has one? if not, this I would like to see! … :blush: but this evanescence song is very nice !


I completely agree! “Tourniquet” was my favorite song on the album “Fallen.”

“Skin to Bone” by Linkin Park. I swear to god, I get so much imagery in my head when I hear that song. It should be steampunk sweat shop with gears and engines and steam and brass moving in sync with the song with Mike being the sweatshop overlord and Chester being one of the sweat shop workers. I’m not even kidding…am I the only one that gets this type of imagery when you hear this song? It’d be so badass!


@cincybmxlpfreak i think you should make this video!


Haha! I’m down. :stuck_out_tongue:


Hey @silentstagepunk . I heard you are from and/or live in Ohio. What part? I’m from Cincinnati (hence “cincy” in my sn).


I’m more close to West Virginia. I live near Marietta, small town. I’ve been to Cincinnati though. I like it there


Oh ok. I’ve heard of that town. Out a little ways past Athens. A few friends of mine went to Ohio University, so I’m somewhat familiar with eastern Ohio. Cincinnati is a good time. I don’t live there currently, but I hope to move back sometime. Well, hola fellow Ohioan. :stuck_out_tongue: :wave:


Yes, we go to Athens a lot actually :grin: Heyo fellow Ohioan :wave::sunglasses:


I’ll Be Gone should definitely have one. (I don’t think it does yet.)