Songs That Remind You of LP


So it’s hard to find anything that sounds like LP of course, but do you have any songs that really remind you of LP’s sound for whatever reason? Or just LP’s writing style in general?

For example, Bring Me To Life by Evanescence has an LP feel to it, with the instrumentals and the guy kind of singing/rapping like Mike. I used to think that was Mike before I became a big fan since a lot of YouTube videos say that lol.

Downfall by Trust Company also reminds me of LP, the way it starts off hard, has softer verses, and then has a scream at the end of the bridge. Plus it has a lot of overlapping vocals like LP does a lot.

Finally, Imogen Heap reminds me of LP. Her latest album kind of has an ATS feel to it since it sounds really different and also is heavy on the synth. Her song “Getting Scared” also has a very LP-like instrumental to it, reminds me of something along the lines of Points of Authority mixed with Not Alone or something. I feel like her and Mike would really get along lol.


There’s an instrumental song called “Honor Restored” from the G.I. Joe: Retaliation soundtrack that really reminds me of LP. :slight_smile: