Sorry... Soldier out


@Fravaco!!! :smile:

I’m glad to hear about you :hugs:

Do whatever you need to do, we’re here for you :slight_smile:

To us, you are another member of our family :grin:


This is so true we are all family :grin:


This might be my favorite post I’ve seen yet. Well said!!

I’m glad to read this! Hope to see you around more on the forums! :slight_smile:


glad to here your doing much better :smile: :grinning:


After a down comes an up- glad to see you better- and welcome to the family brother- and maybe time to change the thread titel into: Yaay- soldier in :tada:


Hi there @Fravaco happy belated New year :sweat_smile: how have you been lately?


so well said!

but as an enduro rider i have also discovered something to add to your beautiful empathetic words!

when you are stuck in mud and so is everyone else, there is only one way to help yourself silly self.
by helping others first!
then, hand in hand we will all pull through the mud!

what a brilliant thread for 2019 !
we thank you @Fravaco for the opportunity to come even closer together!
see how easy it is to help others through your own fight with the dark?

we all together in darkness
therefore, nobody is alone!
Even Mike announced an event where you live.
can you imagine not ever hearing about that because of a rushed decision?
even Mike would miss having you there!
He is not coming to Greece because he knows i’m fine now but he is coming to you and you’ll be there to give us some footage!
WARNING : Enjoy the show more than bring footage back!
just bring us one moment :slight_smile:

<3 LP brothers and sisters!


I’m a bit worried for you… How have you been? 7 days without knowing about you…


Hey @Fravaco hope you’re doing well. One day at a time. I feel for you, I get those thoughts too.