Soundwave Brisbane M&G and LPU Members who were at Sydney Concert!


Who was at the meet and greet Brisbane Soundwave and were in early for the Sydney conert?!
Add me! Because I met so many of you people and thought it was great, yet did not get or can not remember names!


Obviously I was at the Brisbane M&G :smiley:


Me too!


Brisbane M&G, plus Sydney sidewave M&G


What time was the Meet and Greet? Lucky enough to have won a meet and greet for Perth


2 hours before the show in Brisbane. The emails they send you have all the info you need though


Thanks swill but Is that for Brisbane Soundwave? Before the gates open or before LP come on?
Hoping not to miss out on Blink182’s set. Will if we have to.


i was at the brissy meet and greet :smiley:


I was there too!

Any Idea when photo’s may be up anyone?