South Africa Meet & Greet JHB 2012


Hey everyone,

I was fortunate enough to be selected for last years meet and greet when Linkin Park had their first ever show in South Africa, What a truly amazing and blessed experience it was.

I’ll never forget the adrenaline rush when I first heard LP was coming to SA and how it affected me, getting to meet my heroes up close and cement the experience further by meeting such passionate people who also love the band just as me. To be in that stadium with 90 000 people, and to know the 46 people waiting in line around me were fortunate enough to be meeting the band in a matter of minutes, was truly mind blowing.

When we had to sign and validate our ID and then they handed us our meet and greet passes, it completely sunk in what was about to happen, Not to mention that each of the passes has its own unique number on it, made it all that much more special.

I want to catch up and meet with everyone else who shared that day and experience with me, wheever u guys are, and youre reading this, lets catch up! I met so many of you guys and I’d love to stay in touch,

As for everyone else who is hoping for this oppurtunity, never give up and keep on trying, it truly is amazing to have a band like LP that cares so much for their fans!

Much love,