South Africa Summit Reunion / LPU Meet Up SA


Hey everyone, one year since the Cape Town Summit is fast approaching and so is a great time to have a reunion and LPU Meet Up with holidays coming up.

The same group on Facebook from a year ago is trying to plan a reunion to which anyone is welcome to! We don’t need Hard Rock to get together again and have some fun.

However, we know many of you came from Johannesburg and elsewhere, so not all could make it to Cape Town so easily.

So, these are some options we are thinking of:

December or January are the two months for most holiday breaks from work and varsity.

There can be:

-single reunion date in Cape Town
-multiple reunion dates in Cape Town
-a reunion in both Joburg and Cape Town

We want to keep majority of the planning an discussion in the Facebook group, so please join us there if you can!


Have we even finalised a date on this in Cape Town? Or are we just going to wing it?