SOUTH AFRICAN FANS- Possible Summit?


Does anyone know the procedure for signing up to attend an LP Summit as a LPU11 60$ member ?

How does the process work ?

Thanks guys.


LPU Summit passes are free for LPU PLUS PASS ($.60) as benefit to your memberships. If you have a $25 LPU Pass, you can purchase a summit pass for $50. Members will only be able to reserve ONE summit pass each.
Keep your eyes on the news page, LPUHQ will announce it there and explain how and when the pre-sale will be available :wink:


I am new here, so this is a bit of a stupid question, but what exactly happens at the summit? also how many days is the summit and do you have to attend all events?


check the photo of the last summit and see for yourself!

more than just M&G, from the looks of things they’d got hands on workshops with the LP crew!


Lets keep our fingers crossed that a summit is held in SA!


Mike mentioned something about a Summit in South Africa in his last chat. It could’ve been a joke/troll though…


In the last Summit, in Candem, the soldiers went backstage, went into the bus of the band, went to a HardRock Cafe to lunch together, wrote messages to the band in a board, took pictures with the band, talked with LP, and finally, went to the concert in Candem.


Ah, I remember reading this thread and thinking, “Yeah right, like they’re gonna have a summit here.” I was happy to be proved wrong :smiley: