South African LPU Tickets (Read and respond)


Dear Fellow LPUers.

Hope you are well. As you are all as frustrated as I am regarding the ticketing situation and Big Concert’s lack in respons, I may have a possible solution.

Attie van Wyk is the CEO of Big Concerts. I have sent him the following email:

[quote]Best Mr. van Wyk

I hope you are well.

I would like to mention how utterly disappointed I am with the ticketing arrangements pertaining to the Linkin Park concert which is to be held on the 10th of November 2012. It has been more than two months since we purchased our tickets through the LPU (where I have been a member for 6 years and have bought tickets for other LP shows in Berlin and the States). Every time I follow-up with “Jason” from the customer care division of your company I get the same response: “Please wait two weeks, you will get an email with a reference number etc.”. The same message every week. It is really getting ridiculous.

I have emailed the LPU Management and called ground(ctrl) and they indicated the issues is in South Africa with the organisers.

I have wasted more money on phone calls to the United States and to your call centre (excluding my professional time as a psychologist) on getting any useful information than the price of the 6 tickets.

I kindly request that you have this matter resolved within the next 3 business days.

I strictly reserve all my rights regarding this matter.


Dr. Llewellyn van Zyl (PhD; M.comm)

I would urge my fellow LPUers to follow the same route as I did and email Mr. van Wyk in order to get clarification.

His email address is:

Hope we get this matter resolved soon.



Thanks Llewellyn! Derek (administrator) posted the following - when you contacted them, did they inform you about this:

This was taken from ground(ctrl) replying in another thread. Please follow this information if you haven’t received your ticket(s) and your concert is very soon.

If you don’t receive your tickets in time, DO NOT WORRY. Contact us by phone 877-GND-CTRL (M-F 9-5 PDT) or at Your name will be put on a list of ticket purchasers, which means you’ll be able to pick up your tickets the day of the show at the venue’s box office.

(ground(ctrl)) ship tickets as soon as they receive them from the promoter (generally 2-3 weeks before the event, but they are at the mercy of the promoter to get them to them).

Information provided by wade(ctrl)

If you need assistance message me on here or on Twitter @dereklp


And let me guess no response???


[quote]From: Justin Van Wyk []
Sent: 28 September 2012 09:03
To: van Zyl, Llewellyn
Subject: Re: Linkin Park Tickets

Dear Mr. Van Zyl,

Thank you for your email hereunder.

We are not a party to your transaction with LPU, and have submitted the fulfillment details to LPU to distribute to its members. We have spoken to LP and they have no record of advising that there are issues with the organisers in South Africa and confirmed that they have sent out the information to all LPU purchasers. Can you please forward the correspondence to us so that we can investigate this issue for you?

Best Regards,

Justin Van Wyk CA (SA)
Chief Financial Officer - Big Concerts International (Pty) Ltd
T: +27 (0) 21 422 3500
F: +27 (0) 86 659 0489
Skype: justinvanw[/quote]


That was a quick response! ‘LP have sent out the information to all LPU Purchasers’??? I surely have not received any information about my tickets.

Thanks again Llewellyn! Let us know what other correspondence you receive. I’ll keep you updated from my side too.


Big Concerts @ Robin. You will be sent an email this weekend regarding your pre-sale tickets. Please check your spam folder just in case. Give us a shout on Monday if you havent heard anything.

Response from Big Concerts


[quote]Dear Mr. Van Zyl, thanks for this information. Do you have the actual email sent to you by ground (ctrl) advising that there are ticketing issues in South Africa?

I have just had a conversation with LPU and ground(ctrl) - they will be resending the collection instructions over the weekend as it appears you are not the only one who has not received this information.

Best Regards,

Justin Van Wyk CA (SA)
Chief Financial Officer - Big Concerts International (Pty) Ltd


I too have not received any information regarding my pre-sale ticket pick-up. Does this mean that I collect them on the day ? What will be used as the reference to collect them etc ?


I will be holding thumbs that the information that Justin Van Wyk (CFO) is providing us is accurate.

The information about how and when to collect tickets should be communicated when we receive the instructions ‘over the weekend’.


I just got my tickets : ) So Im happy!!!


Saw this tweet from big concerts - BIG Concerts ‏@BigConcerts

Linkin Park Underground Members - Pre-sale ticket and collection info will be emailed this weekend. Check your spam folder too just in case.

Hopefully this will be sorted, I am waiting for all my tickets.


Llewellyn, really??? How did you get it??? Omw…that is so great! Now when is mine arriving???


how did you get them ?


Llewellyn, Could you please just let us know exactly what we have to do to claim our tickets as well? I’m a bit in the dark hole with the whole situation and it’s starting to piss me off. Big Concert should really organize their crap…


Okay so I sent him an email as well. Lets hope I can get my tickets as well.


So do I just wait to get an e-mail from Big Concerts?


Yeah fark this is pathetic how this all turned out really!

Still haven’t received anything from LPU regarding tickets and maybe Llewellyn can shed some more light towards this


I still haven’t heard a thing! This is getting ridiculous!


Hey did anyone get any emails from Big Concerts over the weekend as they had said? I still haven’t gotten anything…


Still haven’t received information from anyone yet.