South Korea timelapse ( - The Burning Bridge)


Though it is not a cover, I want you to see this. It is a result of LP influence on my life. Their music supported me all the way from high school through the Maritime Academy, then in the voyages. And they inspired me long time ago to try something new. I downloaded FL Studio and started making some very primitive melodies. And now you can see what happened many years after. This is a single from my first serious album!
I joined my passion to music with my job. And together they formed an audio-visual album with the timelapse videos from the places I’ve been to.
Enjoy it and subscribe to my channel! More to come:)


It’s pretty good!!and you saw lots of nice places too!! :heart_eyes:


Much more than I actually recorded :smiley:


Your days must be fun, never in the same place I guess… :smiley:


It depends:) I’ve been already on three identical ships which trade in the same ports :smiley:


The places I saw on your videos are all nice… :smile: :star_struck:


Thank you so much:)


You’re welcome! :smile:
Time’s to sleep here… Good night! :star2:


Same here:) Good night:)


Wow beautiful fabulous work love south Korea and all those other places


Amazing video man, I like the timelapse. Why the sudden ending though?


Because the full ending is in the next track. I followed the Meteora style :smiley:


Like a transition? Cool!


Yep, other track begins exactly where this one ends:)