Spending the Time (Story of 2015.)


Every day is the same. A sunrise, A breakfast, A work, A rest…

Just this day is different, It isn’t a Saturday neither a Sunday. This day I can scape and spend the hours Without major commitments.

Today I can ramble on my strangest ideas, Craziest thoughts, Actions without sense, And more dum things that are in my heart And my mind.

Today I can feel what I didn’t feel yesterday and tomorrow I will feel what I don’t today for feeling yesterday.

Today, that moment means something, Tomorrow a memory Without a doubt I’m spending the moment…

When tomorrow arrives and I find myself standing there watching that my actions didn’t bring anything what I waited I’ll bend myself And I will wish come back and don’t spend the time.

Just to realize that I am still falling in the same mistake and this one doesn’t let me follow for fall in the same. It seems that I love spend the time without do something productive.

Even so, this sensation happens only today, the other days are a routine.

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That was so nicely written… It directly connects to your sould… Beautiful language. :blush:


Great said, the here and now is what we are - your point is my motto, more and more and it’s to feel in your words, that it’s same with you so I can just say: 100% agreement with these beautiful words my friend :ok_hand: Brilliant and on the point :sunny:️:+1:t2:


Thank you @Honey8 and @theearlywalker. I appreciate it so much coming for both of you.

That’s for the first times I took seriously the art of write. It was a product of a spontaneous moment (I always write in the night, it’s the best moment to do it for me.)


This is what I call the flow… and it is so feelable in your result, awesome :clap:


Thank you. Maybe I start to publish my work here. One per week to begin.


Beautiful words … Great job :slight_smile:


Well written… I find myself in your words…feel many things in common… Want to read your other works! :blush: :smiley:


@georkost thank you very much!

I’ll be publishing them weekly.
Thursdays and Tuesday I will be practicing with my brother so I won’t be here almost all the day.
The next may be a poem.


Ok!waiting! So curious! :relaxed:


Meee toooo!!


Count me too, to the waiting line :blush:


Me too, I liked the story very much :slight_smile:


@Honey8, @theearlywalker, @georkost, @lpfan61 and @mishelka3

Here is the original version:
Cada día es lo mismo, un amanecer, un desayuno, un trabajo, un descanso…
Solo este día es distinto, no es un sábado ni un domingo.
Este día puedo esperar y pasar las horas sin mayores compromisos.

Hoy puedo divagar en mis más extrañas ideas,
locos pensamientos, acciones sin sentido
y demás tonterías que están en mi mente, y corazón.

Hoy puedo sentir lo que no sentí ayer;
y mañana sentiré lo que no siento hoy por sentir lo de ayer.
Hoy ese momento significa un momento, mañana un recuerdo,
sin duda alguna estoy pasando el tiempo.

Cuando llegue el mañana y me encuentre parado
viendo que mis acciones no me trajeron nada de lo que esperaba,
me doblaré y desearé regresar atrás y no pasar el tiempo.

Solo para darme cuenta que sigo cometiendo el mismo error
y éste no me permite seguir, por caer nuevamente en lo mismo;
al parecer me encanta pasar el momento sin hacer algo productivo.

Aun así, esa sensación pasa solo hoy, los demás días se vuelven una rutina.


Cada día = every day @ironsoldier16 ??

Is that right?


Yes! My teacher told me is possible use it. Why?


Juzt ascking . Adead tou myie dictionairie :slightly_smiling_face:

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