SSMF T-shirt Purchase


So, I just tried ordering the new shirt cause the design is badass and I love it but I was very disappointed to see that standard shipment is not an option. Any idea why? I’m sorry but there is no way I’m paying $89 not $94 for a just shirt. Any chances there was an error or something ot is this the way it’s gonna be?


I just had the same problem while ordering the shirt. The cheapest shipping method is $82,44 for me. That makes a total of $107,44 for one single t-shirt.



I just decided to check… for me it would cost +/- US$180 for one t-shirt!!!
No that’s ridiculous… I will not spend +/- ZAR1800 for a shirt… they need to sort this shipping story out. Never had a problem with standard shipping, no idea why it has been removed as an option.


I too would like to voice my distaste at the extortionate shipment pricing.

These shirts are limited edition so I am very keen to have one. The shipment price is more than 3x the cost of the actual t-shirt. Also, the shipment cost is far higher than the amount I PAID to become a member of the LPU for these types of perks (limited edition t-shirt for example).

If us fans are going to continue to be charged these figures for merchandise then I think the membership cost should be next to nothing.

Ultimately, I would rather the shipment costs were close to nothing.

I hope the shipment prices will change very soon.


hoping that it’s just an error. i tried to click next after select shipping, and the t-shirt is discounted for 100%. i prefer the discount applies to shipping.


Hey there,

I was extremely shocked when I saw the prices! 88$ for a shirt? ridiculous!!

I hope it’s a bug and they’ll fix it soon!


Whoa…I’m glad I’m not the only one with this issue. It is indeed ridiculous that standard shipping is out of the question. Special edition or not, $90+ for just a shirt is beyond expensive.


Excited for nothing.


there used to be an option 【usps】

where is it now?


[quote=LPUHQ]Hi all,

We are having an issue with this shipping company who provides the standard shipping option for LPU.

Please be aware that we are working very hard to get this fixed so that we can offer standard shipping as an option for these shirts ASAP.

We will update you all once this has been fixed.

So sorry about this, we would never expect you to pay those shipping prices as your only option.

Thanks for your patience![/quote]

Thanks for letting us know in such a sort notice. We’ll keep an eye out and see when it becomes available.


Everyone say thanks to Adam! He saw the tweets about it and told his old team. I hope the new LPUHQ person has a Twitter, too. It’s just a very easy and fast way to contact someone when there are issues.

Thanks @LPUHQ for the fast reply and work on the issue. I see a lot of happy people talking about new bought shirts all over the internets.


Now there is an option which is $8,70. That’s fine.

So thank you very much to whoever fixed it. [smile]