Was anyone else excited for the free Stagelight key, and disappointed last night when you realized that they never sent it?

Don’t get me wrong, I love what grnd ctrl has done for LPU, but they’re always late with everything. If they can’t deliver on time, why make promises?


Haha! Maybe they’re gonna do it today.


Look into your spam folder.
A lot of the LPU’ers got their Key yesterday and some mails went straight into the spam folder.


What’s disappointing is that the news mail said we’re getting the Stagelight software. They didn’t mention a trial version anywhere so I was damn excited cause I thought (and I bet a lot of you did as well) that we would get the whole software. Imagine how lame it was when I opened the mail and realized it was only for the trial.


People calm down, i’m pretty sure it is the full version. Once you download the demo it says something like “this is a demo version. after 2 weeks you will not be able to save anymore”

Once you enter your key (which everyone should’ve received via mail) you will still be able to save even after those 2 weeks. Demo version is basically the full version, just with a timer.

However, MY problem is that i thought it comes with linkin park stuff. I did download to complimentary song pack and installed it, but i’m still not able to open the files with stagelight.
It’s probably super easy, but i just cant seem to find the answer myself


Does anyone knows if the key everybody is receiving is the same? I don’t get my code yet. U_U


I think you only get the extra Linkin Park stuff if you buy the Linkin Park Edition Dell laptop, not that I can find where on this earth I can order that from :frowning: I can’t even open the programme cause apparently I don’t have enough Ram. I have my key and everything but I just can not open StageLights (which is annoying cause my laptop has 2gigs ram standard) So I think we’ve all had a major let down over StageLights. Has anyone contacted the men up stairs about the problem?


I got my key in time and my pc can handle stagelight (until you open more than 3 tracks at once^^)
BUT when I read the newspost about it I thought we would get the same LP sound packs that come with the musicOS dell laptops (Linkin Park edition)…
But all I got was the standart software with some loops that doesn’t sound like Linkin Park at all :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyone got StageLight WITH the promised Linkin Park sounds?
oh and definitely look into your spam folder! I had to pull it out there too :smiley:


Those extra sounds only come with the Linkin Park Edition Laptops, we wont get them with our version of Stagelights.


yeah but the email from LPU said the following:

-and look here:
lplive StageLight post
LPAssociation StageLight post


[quote=Paneska]Does anyone knows if the key everybody is receiving is the same? I don’t get my code yet. U_U


I received the email and so i waited the next day and then they sent another email with the codes and how to get the software…If you followed the instructions and put in the code they gave you…(not the trial one) then you would have gotten the full stage light software!!! But i thought it would be cool to have the linkin park sounds in it!! : / well at least i cant find them


This should answer all of your questions.