Stand up for net neutrality


Hey everyone. My friend just asked me to sign a petition to save net neutrality. Net neutrality basicly gives you control over your searches, websites etc. Apparently some company wants to end net neutrality so that they can block content from competition etc. This could change the Internet forever.

Mike is also calling out to the soldiers to stand up for net neutrality.

You can help by signing the petition on
Share with your freinds. Spread the word. They’re trying to get the petition to reach 3,000,000. 1,836,968 have already signed.
Thanks for considering.


That’s terrible news thanks for sharing


Wven the plug community gets active, Mike already twittered- it ended yesterday I guess? Can somebody explain this to a european far away?


I’m also far away and I don’t know who exactly this will affect (I’m just googling this). Comcast, Verizon and AT&T are all multinational companies. They have branches all over the world, but I think this will affect mostly people in the US. Each country has its own regulations on net neutrality. I think I’m still kind of safe here in South Africa. I don’t know whats going on in Europe.


In a nutshell