Status of my order


I checked my order today to see if it had been shipped, but where it had previously said “preordered” it now says “Attention”. I’m a little confused because I’ve never seen it before and I don’t really know what needs “attention”. Any ideas?


Did you have to re-order your membership (because of overpaying for shipping before they fixed it) by any chance? If so, that could be it.


No, I didn’t have to reorder anything. Even checked my bank statement to see if I had been changed and I have been. I’m just hoping that if there is some sort problem they will email me about it… but I’ve gotten no email.


Just to be sure, send an e-mail to


Sent an email through the support website. Hopefully there will be a swift response…

Edit: received an email and was told it was just a way for the shipping department to sort through orders and everything is fine with my order.