Still early entry at LPU15?



My question is about the new LPU 15 Lanyard & Laminate…because there are no “early entry” words written on the laminate?? Do we have early entry - access this LPU year or not?


Yeap, early entry will be provided.


It’s safe to say early entry, when possible(per venue), will always be around.


From LPLive’s “LPUnderground 15 Has Launched!” thread, posted by m-dallagata:


Thanks for your note. The early entry benefit has been put on hold. Please stay tuned for more updates come 2016.


Jessica / LPU HQ[/quote]

Edited to remove the picture, so it’s easier to tell what I was posting about


Ok, that’s… kind of shocking considering the huge success early entry had this last tour.


Good to know…
Guess we’ll be camping from the night before at every headline show now (since there are non-LPUers that already do that at many shows).

OR I’ll just try save A LOT of money to buy VIP packages to ALL of their headline shows I’m attending (so if I don’t make it to the front row anymore, I at least get a guaranteed M&G, which I usually think is even better).


It’s probably just a simple matter of LPU HQ not knowing what LP’s touring schedule will look like during the LPU 15 year. New album’s probably not even a possibility until the fall, so there may not be many, if any, shows for Early Entry to take place at. I’m sure once they get closer to the album being out and start announcing shows, they’ll set something up. This probably goes way back to the LPU 5 days, when people complained all year long that “Meet and Greets are listed as part of the membership package, so I’m paying for them, but there are no LP shows” as if that was somehow LPU’s fault lol.