Still haven't received my presale code


The pre-sale starts in an hour, and I still haven’t received my code. I emailed lpuhq, strobe and Ticketmaster, and nobody is responding. I paid over $100 for the deluxe lpu bundle for pre-sale access, and I’m starting to feel like I’m going to have to wait until Friday like everyone else, and pay double the price for a ticket so far away from the stage that the band looks like ants.
This is NOT what I paid for. I’m getting really angry that no one will tell me what’s going on, and I still don’t have a code.


Have you checked your profile on the main LPU site?

login > my account > manage account > settings > your promo codes


There’s nothing there for Toronto. There’s a code for Jimmy Kimmel live, Las Vegas and Europe.


Maybe check your presale page, my code is there


I’ve been checking all morning. It’s not there either.


same stuff no code (Philadelphia)


I don’t know then, sorry. :confused:


All codes should have been sent by now.

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