STP And Chester: Rumour or Truth!


Well I am looking around hearing that Chester left Stone Temple Pilots to focus on Linkin Park, and I am 99% sure that he has left. I don’t want to tell whether I am happy or sad hearing this news because firstly, according to me it would have been a tough decision for Chester to leave STP and secondly, as I said well, I am 99% sure that he has left STP, but there is 1% probability that he hasn’t.


It was confirmed that he left. They’ve been looking for a new vocalist for months now.


ive seen chester wearing there tshirt back in 2001 I think … if he really left that would be tough on him


It was expected to be honest. He can’t balance working for two bands full time and have time for his family. It was just a matter of time really.


sadly, it has been confirmed.
I was looking forward to their new album :frowning:


Sad news. Recently I was more enjoying STP than LP. Their shows are just amazing, Chester is always good, which I can’t tell about every LP show. I was waiting for their album, for their European tour, and now this…


but also chester has to get and handle his borders, he´s still learning, like everybody more or less reflected, for that I think, it was the BEST desicion for me pure LP-Fan… wouldn´t even mind what if it would meant if he´d choosen the other way round…THANK YOU CHESTER! :heart: