STP Concert/Meet & Greet


Has anyone seen Chester with Stone Temple Pilots or have attended a meet & greet? I bought meet & greet tickets for a show in September and I was just wondering if anyone has gone to any too? I want to know what to expect.


Yes. I went to the one in San Antonio in April. They were incredible live. It definitely gave me an appreciation for Dean, Robert and Eric. When were in line waiting, security separated those that had meet and greet passes and those that had regular tickets. We got a laminate and High Rise CD before the meet and greet and then we were ushered to a hallway backstage to wait for the band. It was different from an LP meet and greet because in LP you stand and they walk up to you, but in this one they stood in one area and you walked up to them. They had a table for us to put our belongings on when you actually go to meet them because they didn’t allow us to use cameras because they had their own photographer. You take a “group” picture with the band which is basically just you and whoever you brought with you to the concert and Stp. In my case my picture is just me, my cousin and the band. If you go alone it is just you and the band. The pictures were posted on the venue’s website a few days later. The waiting took longer than the meeting. The meeting itself only lasted about a minute or two but the guys were all really animated and friendly. It was enough to time to have a few words with the guys and get your pic taken. There wasn’t an official signing done. Instead we got a pre-signed picture when we were exiting. Although I have heard on twitter that they have signed personal items if asked. It was well worth the money. I don’t know if it is done the same way every time but that was my experience. You will definitely enjoy it!


are there concerts planned in europe?


We saw them at San Antonio too. I was a great show. Here’s our pics from the show: